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Hi, Eddie Spaghetti!

My name is Ansley and I'm a whopping 24 years old, but when I was little I and my brother had a cassette tape of your Greatest Hits! I don't know what happened to it, and I thought I didn't really remember any of the songs. The only exception, and which stuck you in my head, was "Stop, Look, and Listen," the refrain of which to this day I at least hum every time someone said "look both ways." Finally I ended up singing it to a couple friends over a late night cup of tea and at their funny looks, I googled you to prove you existed.

I don't think I was expecting to find anything. I certainly wasn't expecting to find your website with all its audio samples! I played every one of them and sang along perfectly despite probably not having heard any of these songs since I was eight or even remembering their names before pressing play. The singing was interspersed with squealing, laughing, clapping like some kind of crazy seal, and maybe a few nostalgic tears--I had to explain to my somewhat alarmed friends that they had just seen me regress to second grade. Obviously I bought the whole CD immediately!

Now that I've heard them I have so many memories of that cassette--Mom singing "Baby, Baby, Baby" to us in the car, my dad humming a few bars of "Ants, Ants" when one of us couldn't sit still at the dinner table, my brother and I acting out every part of "Ooey Gooey." My roommate is looking at me like I'm crazy, but I just keep listening to these songs and happily singing and dancing along. These are all going on my mp3 player!! Just wanted to say thanks for being such a huge part of my childhood and making me so happy again now that I'm all grown up!


Dear Eddie Spaghetti,

Roses are red,
The sky is blue,
You don't know me,
But I LOVE YOU !!!

I'm 17 months old and love your CD. Mom happened to see it at Borders Bookstore a few months ago and bought it. It's our favorite CD and we're sad that it's the only one you have out. I sing "Baby, baby, baby" with you all the time and I get all excited and dance around the room when mom puts the CD on. In fact, "Baby" was one of my first words, thanks to you.

Hope to meet you at your Denver concert. You need to come to Highlands Ranch. There are oodles of kids here who need to hear "Stop, Look and Listen", "Sunny Days" and "Ants"... Just love all those songs!!!!

Lots of love,

(with a lot of help -- and thanks -- from Mom, who's considerably older than 17 months!!)

Dear Eddie Spaghetti

I really liked Ants, and I liked the sound of the guitar, kazu, and the harmonica. Thank you for coming. It was one of the best things we've had all year.

Sincerely Cane Adams grade 4

Dear Eddie Spaghetti

Thank you for you're songs, I like them. I enjoyed it when you sat next to me, I was shy then. I liked ALL the songs you sung. Thank You!

from Erin grade 2

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