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All songs are from Eddie Spaghetti's Greatest Hits (available on cassette or CD) ORDERING INFORMATION

Baby, Baby, Baby.mp3 :24 sec

Please Be My Valentine.mp3 :39 sec

Snowflake.mp3 :30 sec

Everybody Calls Me Sleepyhead.mp3 :37 sec

Wake Up, Wake Up.mp3 :40 sec

Stop, Look, and Listen.mp3 :25 sec

Ants, Ants.mp3 :42 sec

The Bum Bum Song.mp3 :42 sec

Please Let The Sunshine In Your Mind.mp3 :42 sec

Ooey Gooey.mp3 :33 sec

Sunny Days Make Me Happy.mp3 :53 sec

Sandcrab Blues.mp3 :40 sec

Rainy, Rainy Day Blues.mp3 1:04 sec